Company Profile
Weechem Sdn Bhd was established in year 2005. Business expanded over the years and due to market demand, Weechem has now involved also in manufacturing of high precision and machining parts. We have invested in various machines which includes CNC machine, Waterjet Cutting Machine, Milling machine, Lathe Machine, Stamping Machine, Hydraulic Press Machine and many more in order to cater to our expansion into Precision Engineering & Manufacturing Company. Besides, we also invested in Cad Cam technology to support and enhance our design and production team.

Weechem specialize in supplying top quality of precision engineering and machining parts, metal stamping services, welding and cutting services. Besides, we provide support for our customers in steel structural fabrication and other maintenance and repairing services as well.

Weechem offers a comprehensive range of manufacturing and design skills in Milling, Turning, Cylindrical & Surface Grinding, jigs & fixtures, Prototypes and Special Tooling requirements to meet customer requirements. Using the latest sophisticated Cad Cam software for programming machinery, we can undertake works in all types of materials which includes Steel, Brass, Copper, Stainless Steel and Aluminum.

To achieve our commitment for continuous improvement, Weechem has responded to the ever-increasing demands created by modern manufacturing techniques, and continued investment in the latest technology, has ensured we are capable of designing and producing a vast range of highly technical products.

About Us

Weechem Sdn Bhd is a reputable manufacturer of high precision & machining parts and has established itself as the prominent vendor to manufacture and supply customized precision and machining parts made of Steel, Brass, Copper, Stainless Steel and Aluminum to major companies such as customers in the industries of Home Functioning Structural, Wood, Food, Automotive, Air Conditioning and many more.
Weechem has expertise to design and manufacture high precision parts and offer excellent technical supports to carry out reengineering, upgrading and modification of customers' products.

Weechem is committed to provide products and services which consistently exceed our customers expectation and satisfaction while ensure timely delivery to our worldwide customers and maintaining close partnerships with our customers in product development, quality improvement and value engineering.

Vision & Mission

Weechem is positioning itself as a progressive company that offers high quality products at competitive prices by working towards to meet the customers demand and high expectations.

We are proud to deliver products manufactured to the highest possible standards and maintain an ongoing commitment to superior quality.

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